Pleas Williams, LLC is a civil litigation law firm located in Glendale, Wisconsin. The firm was founded in 2005 by Attorney Coral D. Pleas with the fundamental belief that it is impossible to be too focused on excellence.

gavelWith excellence in mind, our attorneys aggressively and cost-effectively represent our clients with the goal of exceeding clients’ expectations in every facet of our practice, from the initial case intake to the conclusion of each matter, and on everything in between. Combined, we have over 35 years of trial experience effectively and efficiently representing major corporations as well as individuals in civil litigation matters throughout Southeastern Wisconsin.

At Pleas Williams, LLC, we are proud of our personalized service that makes clients feel at ease. At the same time, we are highly respected by our peers with a reputation for diligent, fearless advocacy. At Pleas Williams LLC, we are known for our diversity of ideas and technological savvy which enable us to promote our clients’ interests while at the same time, saving them money.

6980 N. Port Washington Road, Suite 203 | Glendale, Wisconsin 53217